Google to rank HTTPS sites higher

Google will now rank sites that use HTTPS (HTTP Secure) over plain HTTP sites.

  • Currently, the weightage is minimal. It may increase in the future.
  • Google plans to publish guidelines on how to best use HTTPS.
  • The Qualys SSL Labs Testing Tool can be used to test the SSL configuration

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Lumia 530, first Nokia phone by Microsoft

The Lumia 530 is the successor of the popular Lumia 520, and a cheaper version of the 630.

  • It is the first phone launched by Nokia under Microsoft.
  • It will cost around $115 before taxes.
  • Comes in both single and dual SIM variants.
  • Features:
    • A 5MP back camera.
    • 512MB of

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Xiaomi releases latest flagship, the Mi 4

Xiaomi, famous for its cheap yet quality smartphones, has released its latest flagship model, the Mi 4 in China.

  • The new model features a 5" Full HD panel, a 2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor and 3 GB of RAM, along with an option of 16 or 64 GB internal storage

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Microsoft cuts 18,000 jobs.

Microsoft announced that it‘s cutting 18,000 jobs as a part of restructuring efforts.

  • Most layoffs were from Nokia‘s division. 12,500 professional and factory positions are expected to go by the end of the year.
  • Xbox and Surface divisions will see minimal change.
  • It is

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Raspberry Pi gets new B+ model

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released the 'final' version of its first generation of cheap computer kit for hobbyists, the B+.

  • The most noticeable change is the addition of two more USB ports, with better performance.
  • The SD card slot has been replaced with a push-version MicroSD slot.
  • 14 more

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Sonos adds SoundCloud support

Sonos, maker of hifi wireless audio systems, added support for direct streaming through SoundCloud, the audio platform for budding artists.

  • SoundCloud joins Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and Songza among the streaming services now supported.
  • About 12 hours of music is added on the platform every minute, which confirms it's

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Netflix nominated for multiple Emmy Awards

The company has over 30 nominations for its various online-only shows, including more than 10 each for the popular House Of Cards and Orange is The New Black series.

  • Last year, Netflix won the Best Director award and 2 other awards for its political drama, House Of Cards, a first

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"The International" Dota 2 championship starts

The championship, hosted by Valve, is the largest e-sports tournament in the world, with over 10 million dollars in prize pool money.

  • The event is being livestreamed at, starting from the playoffs. Both a standard broadcast with live commentary , and 'spoiler-free' DVR stream are available.
  • For the first

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Qualcomm issues and withdraws DMCA takedowns

Qualcomm issued DMCA notices to Github to takedown over a 100 repositories.

  • They hired a third-party company, Cyveillance, that acted on their behalf to issue the notices.
  • The repositories they wanted to be taken down were from independent developers, Cyanogenmod, Sony, and even Qualcomm itself.
  • This indicates that repositories were

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Samsung abandons Plasma TV

Samsung announced that it is stopping the production of Plasma display panels due to dropping demands.

  • The once popular TV technology is still claimed by many to be superior than LED TVs due to superior blacks and better response times.
  • The company stated that it will shift its resources to

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